The Snow Kingdom @ The Backyard Cinema

The Snow Kingdom @ The Backyard Cinema

There’s nothing I like better than a festive day out and London always gets it spot on! I’d seen The Backyard Cinema advert pop up a fair few times on my Facebook and knew it was a must have for my Christmas to-do list!

For anyone who hasn’t heard of The Backyard Cinema, it’s basically themed cinema experiences throughout the capital!  They tend to change themes every season and I knew ‘The Snow Kingdom’ experience was the perfect way to kick start the holiday season. Totes sounded American then. 

FYI- tickets really don’t hang about, so I was totally pissed to have missed out on seeing Home Alone 2. (The homeless pigeon lady just kills me every time.) So naturally, I settled on ELF.


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Photo Diary: Oxford Street at Christmas

Photo Diary: Oxford Street at Christmas

I have literally killed myself Christmas Shopping today. I feel like I’ve done a workout! Honestly, trying to get from one side to the other of Oxford Street really is a mission.

Does anyone else get stressed with the trillions of other people walking slowly in front of you on Oxford Street. Drives me insane. Then my sister wants me to traipse through four floors of Forever 21. Sorry hun, but after spending 2 hours in Primark and getting lost in Selfridges I’m not quite feeling it anymore. I did find some delicious Cookie Dough in Selfridges though. Win. 

Of course on our way through, we had to stop and take some obligatory photo’s of the Christmas lights. It looks pretty damn special this time of year.

L x


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