5 Reasons To Love Olu Deniz

5 Reasons To Love Olu Deniz

I recently visited Turkey for the 3rd time. You can never have too much Shish and Baklava in your life. That’s for damn sure.

We decided to try somewhere new this year and booked Olu Deniz in Fethiye. And by we, I mean me. My boyfriends lack of interest means that he doesn’t know where were going until we’re practically at the Airport and even then I still don’t think he has a scooby fucking doo. He spends the months leading up to the holiday telling people we’re going to ‘Greece somewhere’. Okay, not even close hun but carry on.

Anyone that travels to new places knows it always takes a few days to suss out the area and find the hidden gems amongst¬†the English inspired bars with the Michael Jackson tributes. Sorry but I’m not one for a ¬£1.50 fry up and a Blue WKD on holiday. Each to their own and all that.

Here’s 5 reasons I fell just a little in love with the place…

  1. Skinny Watermelon Martini’s @ Barracuda


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Chez Dodo Artisan Macaroon Cafe

Chez Dodo Artisan Macaroon Cafe

So Macaroons always look super cute let’s be honest but as far as the taste goes, they never really got me. Not in the way a Chocolate Brownie or Crumble does at least. That was until I ventured into a sweet little cafe in the capital of Budapest, called Chez Dodo.

There’s a reason it’s the number 1 bakery in Budapest on Tripadvisor. Those bitches ain’t lying – not for one second.

Let me tell you why these little Macaroons deserve a blog post all to themselves..


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