5 Reasons To Love Olu Deniz

I recently visited Turkey for the 3rd time. You can never have too much Shish and Baklava in your life. That’s for damn sure.

We decided to try somewhere new this year and booked Olu Deniz in Fethiye. And by we, I mean me. My boyfriends lack of interest means that he doesn’t know where were going until we’re practically at the Airport and even then I still don’t think he has a scooby fucking doo. He spends the months leading up to the holiday telling people we’re going to ‘Greece somewhere’. Okay, not even close hun but carry on.

Anyone that travels to new places knows it always takes a few days to suss out the area and find the hidden gems amongst the English inspired bars with the Michael Jackson tributes. Sorry but I’m not one for a £1.50 fry up and a Blue WKD on holiday. Each to their own and all that.

Here’s 5 reasons I fell just a little in love with the place…

  1. Skinny Watermelon Martini’s @ Barracuda


It’s hard to find a properly made cocktail in Turkey but Barracuda get’s it spot on.

Located on the edge of Hisonarou, it’s a little set back from the main strip but totally worth the walk. The food is amazing and the setting and service is just fantastic. We had to make a booking here for dinner as it’s gets full up quickly but you can walk in for drinks at any time! And the bar area is just super cute & quirky.

2. Date night at The Olive Tree Garden




The Olive Tree is a little bit of a hidden treasure but thank the lord for Tripadvisor.

From the moment we pulled up outside, the manager of the restaurant pulled open my taxi door and I stepped out like the queen I am. Kidding! I mean come on, that’s service for you right there.

The restaurant is adults only which is ideal if you’re looking for a little bit of peace among the cray cray of the summer holidays.

The setting is quite romantic and chilled. Everyone is super friendly and so were the other diners come to think of it, nodding at you over their red wine. Made a change from the woman who started taking photos of our sharing platter in one of the restaurants on the strip.

Hunny…step.away.from.my.food. I knew I was safe in this restaurant.

I had the Chicken & Halloumi dish and it’s thoroughly recommend.  What with the complimentary bread, cheese and olives and the mandatory dessert. I practically had to be rolled out the restaurant come 10pm.

3. Olu Deniz Sea – it’s freekin sexy  


There’s nothing better than a clear blue sea and Turkey isn’t exactly famous for it’s mind-blowing beaches. As long as I can see what’s touching my feet, that’s good enough for me. I’m a total beach babe over the hotel pool and love to get down to the beach as much as poss.

I’m not going to lie the waves can get quite big. I almost had a fatality but let’s not talk about that. I’m best off out of nature altogether.

There were tonnes of para-gliders flying over our head the entire day and it made the sky look super colourful.

We even got caught up in the middle of a proposal on the beach! As a woman landed from her paragliding session, her boyfriend was on one knee ready to propose. Everyone applauded and it was such a moment to be a part of.

4. Chill out at Sugar Beach Club 


If your thinking beach clubs at Marbs, that’s not quite the vibe. But if you’re looking for a laid back day with low key music, good food and cocktails then this is the one.

The Sugar Beach Club is on the private section of The Blue Lagoon.  You can rent Canoes and Pedalos and go Fish spotting in the clear water. The best thing is you needn’t worry about getting taken out by a big douche-bag wave.

5. Sunset at Cawa Cawa Roof Top. 



Cawa Cawa, is nestled in the corner of Olu Deniz Beach and easily missed. The ground floor of the hotel isn’t much to look at so make sure you ask for a table on the first floor over-looking the sea. It’s really quite special.

And the sunset? It’s to die for.

L x

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