Chez Dodo Artisan Macaroon Cafe

So Macaroons always look super cute let’s be honest but as far as the taste goes, they never really got me. Not in the way a Chocolate Brownie or Crumble does at least. That was until I ventured into a sweet little cafe in the capital of Budapest, called Chez Dodo.

There’s a reason it’s the number 1 bakery in Budapest on Tripadvisor. Those bitches ain’t lying – not for one second.

Let me tell you why these little Macaroons deserve a blog post all to themselves..



I accidentally stumbled past on an early morning breakfast run in the city. It was too early for Macaroons but it was not too early to press my nose up against the window and saliva at the sight of production.

Those little artisan bakers prep every little Macaroon in the window and you can’t help but be fascinated by the process. The liquid mixture gets squeezed out of the piping to make teeny macaroon pieces all reading for baking.

They then add to the inside mixture and match up each top or bottom with it’s twin like counter part. Perfection. 

“We’ll come back,” my Boyfriend said.


“We better – these are my life.” I reply.



On the very last morning, we returned! The cafe was busy, at least that’s what it looked like. The seating area is minimal, enough for 10 I’d say but none the less cute and artsy. I had to sit. 

Walking in the shop, the smell of sweet baking hit us instantly. I think the counter lady could tell I was excited, she was patient and friendly of course. But I buckled under the pressure of choices and asked her to choose me whichever 3 she recommended. We’ve all been there. 

She placed 3 Macaroons on a small pink plate explaining what flavours they were. I was too busy upsetting over the facts she’d chose two yellow ones. She’d completely ruined my Instagram picture that I’d already planned in my head, but I wasn’t going to hold it against her. She’d chose Pistachio (good choice lady), Peanut Butter (Okay, interesting) and Passion fruit (okay, now she’s fucked it for herself).

Actually, Pistachio and Peanut Butter were immense. I even may have enjoyed the Passion Fruit albeit a little sweet for my taste. However, they were the most softest Macaroons I’ve ever tasted. They quite literally melted in my mouth. Unbelievable.



At 350 HFT each, they worked out about £1 each but totally worth every penny. They had plenty of teas and coffees which also looked equally as special however I’m not a hot drinker. I opted for a bottle of water, pathetic or maybe not. I still have the bottle now because it’s such a cute shape and has little hearts on it. Gym bottle? Of course.

I decided that we should get some for gifts to spread the joy to others. There were options of posh gift boxes for a few pounds extra but my 8 year old niece was not worthy of such a delight. The Chez Dodo bag was more than enough for her ungrateful little hands.

I spent the next hour asking every couple of minutes, “have you squashed them, are they okay?” in reference to the Macaroons bag being kept in my boyfriends coat pocket. I mean did I really think we were going to get through a flight without them being squashed beyond belief?

“Well waste not want not. I guess I may as well eat them now.” I gladly volunteered.

By the way, Praline flavour is life.



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