The Snow Kingdom @ The Backyard Cinema

There’s nothing I like better than a festive day out and London always gets it spot on! I’d seen The Backyard Cinema advert pop up a fair few times on my Facebook and knew it was a must have for my Christmas to-do list!

For anyone who hasn’t heard of The Backyard Cinema, it’s basically themed cinema experiences throughout the capital!  They tend to change themes every season and I knew ‘The Snow Kingdom’ experience was the perfect way to kick start the holiday season. Totes sounded American then. 

FYI- tickets really don’t hang about, so I was totally pissed to have missed out on seeing Home Alone 2. (The homeless pigeon lady just kills me every time.) So naturally, I settled on ELF.


We found The Snow Kingdom nestled in the corner of The Mercato Metropolitano, amidst a whole host of cutesy artisan food stalls. I’m talking Posh Burgers, Homemade Falafel and Retro Champagne and Oyster Bars. Get your purses out ladies – your gonna need em. You could easily spend a fortune on the amazing food and the many Prosecco bars. It’s a total treat day and I’m all about that treat life!



We collected our tickets at the booth and began our journey under the Ice Cave. Trying to squeeze my 5 ft 8 self under a 3ft entrance was not an easy task – but i’ll do anything for the gram (only to find the pictures to were too damn blurry fuck sake). I was too busy snapping away to notice my boyfriend had taken the lantern and practically ran to the other side of the cave in two seconds flat. I didn’t even get to hold it – I mean what’s even the point of coming, the douchebag.

The cinema room itself was super cosy, filled with beanbag chairs slouchy enough to lay on. This seemed the perfect place to watch a Christmas movie (or take a mid-afternoon nap maybe?). It was seriously considered – but the £19 price tag for a ticket made me reconsider.


I treated myself to a Snow Kingdom cocktail filled with blueberries, vodka, vanilla and some other concoctions. It was served in what I can only describe as a long glass bottle that looked like it had been stolen from a Harry Potter movie! It was a little hard to drink with the straw and I ended up swigging from the bottle – keeping it classy as ever. There isn’t a huge amount of food options once inside and the popcorn is bags of Propercorn so for a fat bitch like me, wasn’t totally sufficient.

Never the less, it was a cute experience and totally festive. A must do for any Winter trip to London. I ‘ll be sure to make a date for the summer themes!

L x

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