See The City Ghost Boat Tour

I have always thoroughly enjoyed Halloween – dressing up in black bin bags, flashing horns and trick or treating on a school night. What’s not to love? However when you reach your twenties, Halloween turns into some sort of sluttish drink-fuelled affair. Thankfully I am over that phase now and have found myself looking for other ways to enjoy the sinister season!

So when my boyfriend was handed a fright night voucher for his birthday, I instantly took control.

“I’ll book it, don’t you worry.” *winks*

The thought of a Ghost Tour excited me beyond belief. The thought of a Ghost Boat Tour excited me even more.

The choice was made.


On the cold Sunday before Halloween, we met Tom – our Tour Guide in Mayfair. The ghosts of London are obviously all rich as there were plenty in this area according to Tom.

Our first haunted property was at 50 Berkeley Square, apparently the most haunted house in London. *Makes ghost noises.* Several residents had previously died here and subsequently haunted the large building. A young woman who committed suicide by throwing herself from the top, a little girl who was killed by the servant and an insane previous owner were among the ghosts that had appeared over the years.

I was half hoping to see a shadowed ghost staring out the window at me but to no avail. Just my luck. Tom tells us we’re moving on to our next haunted destination, St James Palace.

My boyfriend at which point is more interested in the residential property than the ghosts inside it.

“I wonder how much it is to buy?” he asks.

“Who cares, it’s haunted any way I’m not living here.” I reply like it’s even a possibility.

We reach the Palace and I start to question my own intelligence. I have lived in London for most of my life and have never realised that St James Palace is in fact a separate building to Buckingham Palace. Isn’t Buckingham Palace in St James Park though or are they both? I legit have no clue anymore. I think I’m still confused as to where to Queen even lives now.

Okay, back to the ghosts.

We stop quickly at St James Palace and hear a story about the ghost of The Duke Of Cumberland who was suspiciously murdered. The night of the murder the Duke’s Assistant, Sellis was also found murdered. Legend has it is that Sellis murdered the Duke but felt so guilty, that he killed himself. He is often seen roaming the halls of the palace according to Tom.

Murderous ghosts is not something I’m down with- but the building did make a good spot for “the gram”. Winner.

We begin walking again through the streets of St James passing what I can only imagine to be where The Queen does her shopping. In fact, Prince William did buy his suits from one of them for the Royal Wedding apparently.

I press my face against the window and soak in the royalty. I’m basically a Princess now.


Up ahead, we see Green Park and make a stop to hear about haunted trees. As if. They’ll be a haunted kettle next.

The ghost of a poor homeless man has been spotted next to the tree on several occasions. He supposedly had his fiddle stolen and spent his last few days asking everyone in the park if they had seen it. Why would Tom upset me in this way. Urgh.


I have little time to be upset as we move onto the last part of the tour and the part I’ve been looking most forward too!

The Boat! Wooo. 

To be honest, I was half expecting a rotten old boat that had had it’s day but I was pleasantly surprised. We set sail aboard the luxury clipper in style. We could finally warm ourselves up inside whilst seeing the sights of London. We treat ourselves to a mandatory hot drink from the bar and sat back and relaxed.

After a 20 minute journey up the Thames in the dark, we jumped back to land at The Tower of London. Queen Anne Boleyn, Wife of Henry VIII is said to haunt the tower after being beheaded at The Tower Green. Several people have reported seeing her holding a procession and have also seen her headless body roaming the tower.

“Look up there- I see something!” I scream.

I point to the top of the tower where there is someone standing looking over at us. Everyone turns and stares.

I quickly take my boyfriend glasses off and shove them onto my face.

“Oh it’s just a flag.”

Okay so, we didn’t see any ghosts on the tour – which was rather disappointing to say the least. However, we did see some more of London and we did get some exercise. I’m a fan of any exercise where you don’t realise your actually doing it!

Overall, I would totally recommend a Ghost Tour for the experience but if your expecting to be spooked – don’t get your hopes up!

Would I even be human if I didn’t go home that night and google half of the ghost stories to see if they were true? Probably not.

L x


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